Juneau Classic Square Set of Pendant Earrings

A square diamond necklace is a symbol of caution, which can highlight a person's elite qualities without breaking the rules of elegance. It also means love. People give square diamond necklaces to their loved ones, which means they want to be with you.

USD$ 498.0

Juneau Classic Egg-shaped Set of Pendant Earrings

Elliptic diamond is smooth but maintain unique demeanor again, implied meaning tastes unique and not arrogant, in western countries, elliptic diamond also symbolizes eternal vitality.

USD$ 498.0
Luxury Design

Juneau Classic Four-Claw Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are so elaborate that the stones are arranged in a linear fashion and fit soft to the wrist, so soft that they are also known as gem snake bone bracelets.

USD$ 368.0

Juneau Love at First Sight

Hearts are romantic shapes, and most girls who like hearts yearn for warmth, romance and warmth. A heart-shaped necklace is the best way for a man to express his true love. Give her a heart-shaped pendant on a special day that symbolizes a lifetime, one true love and will surely touch her heart.

USD$ 368.0
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Juneau Circles The Moon

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USD$ 288.0


Juneau Jupiter Male Ring

Simple style and atmosphere, unique gem arrangement, meaning the love to the true love state.

USD$ 288.0


The water drop necklace symbolizes perseverance, constancy, permanence and purity. Since ancient times, water droplets have a firm and unyielding image, because there is a very early “dripping water wears through a stone”, water droplets are persistent, is also a representative image of the eternal, but also represents the unwavering emotion, on behalf of lasting feelings between lovers.

touch her heart

Juneau Drop Necklace and Earring Set

USD$ 498.0

Juneau Snowflake Necklace

Snowflake pendant implies pure love, and the appearance of snowflake is pure, beautiful and spotless, so snowflake shaped ornaments are often implied as pure and beautiful love.

USD$ 268.0

lasting feelings between lovers.


Juneau Luxury Elongated Female Ring

Elongated diamond ring, give a person the visual perception is noble and elegant, calm atmosphere. Suitable for girls wear, elongated diamond ring can satisfy every girl has a princess dream. The angular appearance represents the temperament of contracted magnanimity.

USD$ 229.0


Small waist necklace has the implication of rising step by step, because the small waist necklace uses the same design as bamboo, so there is the meaning of rising. Necklace design is very pure and fresh, choiceness, resemble concave and convex have the small pretty waist that sends belle, suit the schoolgirl of gentle temperament to wear very much.

Juneau Small Waist Necklace

USD$ 268.0

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