Your Juneau Boutique

Juneau Jewelry has more than 80 boutiques across the globe, Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Madrid, Moscow, as well as a vast network of official retailers.



Journey through the milestones that established Juneau as an international icon of legendary style, bold artistry and innovative design.  

Juneau passion for acquiring rare and unusual gemstones paved the way for Juneau’s longstanding legacy of discovery and exploration, establishing the company’s reputation as a world-renowned jeweler.

Behind every dream is the dreamer. Our visionary founder, helped define legendary jewellery design as we know it and established the jewellery engagement ring as an enduring symbol of love.


Juneau Experience

Started out as a back yard operation setting diamonds during the gemstone mining boom in Alaska and often shifting from one mine to the other. Juneau has gone through a tough period to be a refined jeweller in it’s own rights today.

We also firmly believed that our customers deserved more choices, straightforward information and legendary service. We felt strongly about building a team of passionate, non-commissioned jewellery experts who put the customer first.

As the leader in handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful fine jewellery, we’re constantly innovating and looking for new ways to help you discover and design the perfect pieces for every occasion. We strive to be your jeweller for life.


We have the pleasure of making dreams a reality. No matter what you desire, we’ll make it happen.


Your engagement will be a lifelong memory, choose wisely and purchase a Juneau ring.


With an array of styles and coloured gemstone choices set in precious metals, our pendants will always turn heads.


We’ve been Singapore’s colour gem specialists since 2007, making us the perfect choice.