Why Sliver Jewelry Is Better Than Wear Gold?

In just the first quarter of 2019, people in the UK spent over four billion quid on jewelry. This makes sense — after all, there are loads of trendy styles you can choose from that will supplement any outfit!

Still, it can be difficult to make the choice of a specific metal for your new earrings or bangles. Here, we’re going to help sway you to make the right decision and buy silver accessories (they’re so much better than gold.)

It’s More Versatile

One thing that silver jewelry has going for it over gold is that it’s really versatile. By this, we mean that it can be paired with any colour stone or charm without clashing. This leaves more options for different kinds of jewelry and gems of different hues.

When you choose a silver chain or charm, you’re also keeping loads of possibilities open for new wardrobe items. Gold is intense and can clash with clothing, especially with outfits in cool colours. On the flip side, your lovely new silver bee pendant will go with literally anything!

It’s Durable

Silver is also a lot more durable than gold. While gold is an incredibly soft and malleable metal, silver is harder. It won’t dent, move, or bend nearly as easily as gold would.

This makes it the perfect metal for jewelry, especially for girls on the go. You can work, go clubbing, have adventurous first dates, and relax with the girls, all without fear of ruining your expensive accessory with vigorous activity.

It’s Less Expensive

Many people are drawn to gold because of the price tag, but for most young adults, paying rent on a flat is difficult enough without paying high prices for wardrobe items. This is a ridiculous thing to do, especially when there’s a cheaper alternative!

Silver costs less than gold does in general. Not only that, but all our accessories are affordable and durable, so check out our shop!

It’s Unique (and Gorgeous)

One of the reasons that gold is valued so highly is because of its rarity, but did you know that silver is actually a rarer metal than gold is? Go figure!

By wearing silver, you’re expressing that you’re one-of-a-kind. You also will know that you’re rare in that you know this fun fact!

Not only that, but silver jewelry is absolutely beautiful. It shines, just like the wearer, and draws people’s eyes to it.

It’s Better Than Gold

While many people lean toward gold when it comes to jewelry, this may in fact not be the best choice. Silver is more versatile, durable, affordable, and, dare we say, gorgeous.

Now that you know why silver is better than gold when it comes to jewelry, it’s time to get shopping for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more accessories made with high-quality silver. Check out our sale page to see the items we’re currently selling at even lower prices than usual!

Stay snazzy and support silver!





Source: https://gemmaj.co.uk/

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