How Jewelry Holds Meaning To People

There are a lot of items in a person’s life that have significant importance and make it better. Especially, jewellery has been a part of the world for centuries now.

So, why do we deem a ring or a pair of earrings important and we cherish them dearly?

For example, in ancient Egypt pendants were often placed on the dead, so they can be recognised. In the ancient Chinese, Celtic, and even the American Southwest cultures understood fine jewellery as a symbol of luck,health, well-being, and protection.

So, naturally modern people started accepting it no differently than their ancestors in a lot of ways.

People often turn to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in order to answer questions on consumer attitudes.

Of course, this pyramid structure hides answers on jewellery wearing and we will check them out:

1. Jewellery’s link to the human needs

One of the top needs in the hierarchy is the need of social contact. This reflects on jewellery perfectly, since we often express our sentiments with rings for engagements/ weddings or friendship with an engraved necklace.

At the same level there is “appreciation and recognition”, which can relate to buying modern items to reflect fashion and social acceptance.

We cover these needs with social media, as well when we post the new jewellery box that we got.

In a lot of ways, “”self-realisation” is another need that reflects our self expression through various stones and metals.

Moreover, the act of buying them always reflects our current state of mind or feelings.

In GLAMIRA we have all kinds of jewellery that can match your mood, personality, occasion or mutual feelings towards someone.

2. Jewellery taking its part in pop culture

With its many contributions to the human’s nature, jewellery always becomes a statement in pop culture. Celebrities usually make appearances with a couple of jewellery pieces and make them a statement right away. Such examples are people like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn that made jewellery a celebrity itself.

And if someone says that it might be shallow, pop culture has a big significance on life. Additionally, it reflects on the daily life and taste of the public. At its most, it reflects on the market and industry for buyers and shops.

3. So, why is jewellery so important to women than to men?

Women love to express themselves and mark important stages in their lives with jewellery. Furthermore, it makes every outfit pop and you can use it for big occasions such as proms, weddings, engagements, etc.

It’s so fascinating what kind of meaning we put behind our jewellery in most cases.

On the other hand, humans get attached to their possessions so much that they tend to override them with meaning.

And when it comes to men, they do put meaning behind possession but mostly likely cars, etc. Jewellery is not that visibly seen on men, it’s not that they don’t wear it apart from wedding or engagement rings. It’s just that theirs is very subtle and simple in most cases.

Some men don’t project their emotions or life events to such a degree that they buy items for them.

In short, jewellery has utmost importance in whatever sense that might be. This importance correlates with any gender, age, job, etc.




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