Health Benefits of Silver Accessories

Every healthy body, mind and soul has a silver lining, and literally so! If you love wearing silver accessories, and can’t get enough of those chunky rings, chains, and bracelets, then we have some good news for you. While silver accessories look great for both ethnic and corporate wear, they have tremendous healing qualities, that can help you in a lot of ways. Surprised? Read on to know more!

If we dig deep into historical facts, then silver has, since its inception been associated with the moon. The color is supposed to evoke tranquility and provide a sense of calm and comfort to the one adorning it.

On a more scientific note, the silver accessory is a powerful antimicrobial agent that fights infections and aids in cold and flu prevention. In fact, silver helps in spreading heat internally and improves blood circulation.

Silver lined sleep masks are for REAL! It has been proved, that such masks help improve one’s sleep, and also aid in relaxation. In addition to this, silver accessories alleviate symptoms of arthritis in hands, and reduce pain, while easing hypertension in the finger joints.

Do you suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and paranoia? If so, then silver ornaments have the calm you seek. “Worry jewelry” and spinner rings, which come embellished with an outer band, provide a calming effect that helps fight anxiety.

If you’re someone whose life ends and starts at the keyboard of a laptop, then silver rings will improve your comfort level by leaps and bounds.

All in all, combining silver accessories with a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happier you. Now go on,  accessorize your heart out with all that strikes silver, and live a calm, peaceful life.






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