Engagement Ring Shapes

To uncover the beauty hidden inside a rough diamond, a diamond must be cut and faceted by an expert diamond cutter. At Juneau Diamonds, all our diamonds are ethically sourced and selected by hand.

When shopping for a diamond, your first decision is to pick a diamond shape. The shape of a diamond has the biggest impact on the overall look of an engagement ring.

There are ten iconic diamond shapes to pick from: round, cushion, marquise, princess, oval, emerald, pear, heart, radiant, and Asscher. 

round engagement rings

The most popular shape of all time: the round brilliant diamond.  Aside from being the most iconic diamond shape, the round diamond is most loved because of its ability to sparkle brighter than any other shape.  Because round diamonds are the most popular and most researched shape, they offer the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color, clarity grades, and price. 

princess engagement rings

The halo engagement ring style features a diamond border around a center stone.  This creates greater impact for your ring’s overall look and will make the center stone look larger.

cushion engagement rings

A cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, like a cross between a round and a princess cut diamond. A cushion diamond has a soft, romantic appeal and is sometimes known as a pillow-cut.

emerald engagement rings

Although the emerald-cut diamond has 58 facets like round and princess-cut diamonds, it is the parallel facets that help highlight the stone’s color and clarity. The best way to describe the emerald cut is an elongated shape designed with a large table and step-cut faceting that creates a unique hall-of-mirrors effect. This geometric diamond shape is rare: only three percent of all the diamonds in the world are emerald cut diamonds.

oval engagement rings

The oval shape has an elongated silhouette to appear larger. A brilliant facet pattern means the shape sparkles as well as a round or princess cut, but with an oval shape that can appeal to vintage-loving brides.

marquise engagement rings

The marquise shape is an elongated oval with pointed ends and is sometimes referred to as boat-shaped. The elongated shape maximizes the carat weight of the diamond. Plus, this cut creates the illusion of a larger diamond.

pear engagement rings

The pear-shaped diamond can appear modern or vintage, depending on its setting. Its elongated teardrop has a narrow pointed top and perfectly rounded bottom. The brilliant cut is known for high sparkle and for its ability to lengthen and flatter its wearer’s finger.

radiant engagement rings

Radiant cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with cropped corners. The square stone is cut to have a complete brilliant-cut facet pattern. A radiant is also available in a more rectangular shape, depending on its length-to-width ratio. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings are beloved for the sparkle they produce and are usually set in a prong-style solitaire setting.

asscher engagement rings

This octagon shape has cropped corners and mesmerizing angles set it apart from any other shape. The Asscher, developed during the Art Deco period, is a blend of the princess and emerald cut. The Asscher is most well known for its X-shaped facets that can be seen from above. The brilliance of its faceting can mask certain inclusions and lower color grades. The Asscher cut is commonly referred to as being “vintage” or “antique.”

heart engagement rings

Wear your love loud and proud with a bold symbol of love: a heart-shaped diamond.  Honestly, a heart-shaped diamond just what it sounds like.

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