Ze-Baguette Ring

Romantic, A Lifetime Commitment

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the romantic capital of Paris, and the ring carries a lifetime commitment between two people, a gift from God to happy lovers.

Pounding the heart

Elegant temperament

Romantic Love Rings

Two hearts encircle the dazzling diamond, implying that the two hearts are tied by the sacred love.

Ze-Corona Ring

The flower-shaped ring with a petals design that combined with various gems as the overall outline looks like a romantic bloom of love and contains a moving meaning in the bright and dazzling.

Heart Claw Ring

Eternal love, careful and limitless patience is the meaning of love throughout the year. No matter how far apart the two are, whether at the south, east, north, or west.

Crown Ring

Using the crown shape as the element on this ring. You can sense the romantic and nobility on it. It looks firm and also soft at the same time, which resembles the power of a woman.

Love of my life.

Taking your hand


Pear Cut Ring

Waterdrop shape in crystal clear form. People compare them to the tears of Cupid, the God of love. Those who have seen them will receive the protection of God.

Flower Ring

A group set diamonds on the luxury ring model.  The main diamond is surrounded by other smaller diamonds, just like the way love is. Little by little the feeling compounds and make the two heart closer to each other.


the Mermaid Princess Ring

Legend has it, there were creatures that look like a human beings with beautiful fishtails and soft long hair who live at the bottom of the sea. They dance and sing beautifully, they are called The Mermaids.

One Heart Ring


The Constant Sincerity, precious, delicate, and direct love.

The heart shape is a symbol of love. It is originated from the shape of our hearts. Give her a heart-shaped ring, say “I love you,” and save the best moments for this one.

Statice Ring


Snowflake diamond ring is very rare and pure. It represents a very pure romance when you love only one person as your true love.

Romantic snowflakes embrace a beautiful diamond in the middle, meaning the dual owner of luck and happiness.

Mercure Ring


Lifelong companion, eternal love. The Heartbeat.

Romantic flower design combined with the classic six-claws inlay, the main stone is put like beautiful flowers. Groups of diamonds are closely intertwined to protect each other.

Angel Eyes Ring


There is a legend about the eyes of angels. A long time ago at a small village by the sea, there was a boulder that could not be moved, even by hundreds of people. One day, a man with an evil spirit passed by and sighed with surprise at the boulder. The boulder cracked and then split into two halves, and this stone was also called the “sky’s eye stone.”

Royal Ring


Inspired by the princess’s crown,  the ring holds the main stone tightly,  just like the promise of love kept.  It will make you as happy as a princess by tasting the elegance of Audrey Hepburn’s classic design elements. The whole design has a deeper meaning of love and cherishes into dedication and responsibility.

Spirit Ring


This classic six-claws diamond proposal ring means responsibility, commitment, tolerance, trust, care, and cherish respectively of each claw.  In a long time, convey everlasting love. The unique inlaid design shows the power of metal bondage, as the shackles of love tightly wound. Love of my life.Taking your hand, growing old with you together.

Attach Ring

Love Bravely, With love

“X” in the context represents the unknown, and all unknowns intersect in this set of rings. Life may be unpredictable, but it has magical powers that help us to be happy.

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