All About Birthstones

There is a unique gemstone associated with each month of the year. These birthstones make beautiful jewelry for you or as a gift. Learn all about birthstones here.

january: garnet

These are flawless diamonds, no matter how closely you look. Flawless and internally flawless are the highest diamond quality clarity grades.Garnet is the earthy gem of January. Garnets are a sturdy stone. Garnets are most known for their deep red hue, but can come in a wide range of colors, with the most rare color being blue.

Garnet is thought to ignite passion, joy and to energize you when you’re feeling tired.

february: amethyst

The amethyst is a beautiful violet-purple or green gemstone, and is a type of quartz. An amethyst is a resilient and durable gemstone that makes for long-lasting gemstone jewelry.

Amethyst is thought to repel negativity and to help reduce stress and anxiety.

march: aquamarine

Aquamarine is named for its translucent blue-green color and comes from the Latin word seawater. They hail from the same family as emeralds, called the Beryl Family and are found mainly in granite rocks.

Thought to lift the spirit, Aquamarine is often associated with renewing vitality and energizing the mind.

april: diamond

Diamonds are the quintessence of all the gemstones known for their unparalleled sparkle and power to impress. Comprised of carbon that has been compressed under high pressure and high heat in the earth’s crust, diamonds are also quite rare. The alternative birthstone for April is white sapphire, which is a beautiful option for April birthdays who prefer not to invest in a diamond.

Traditionally, diamonds symbolize purity and love, which is why they are often chosen for engagement rings.

may: emerald

Emeralds are stunning gemstones with a deep green hue. The incredible color is due to trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.

Emerald is believed to represent love, abundance and success, and is also thought to ward-off negativity and improve relationships.

june: pearl

Pearl is a classic beauty most often thought of as a glistening white, off-white, or pinkish hue, but can come in a rainbow of colors. Formed within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk or other similar animals, pearls are one of nature’s miracles. Alternatives to pearls for those born in June include alexandrite, pink sapphire, and smoky quartz.

In addition to their beauty and rarity, pearls are thought to heal the heart of the person who wears them.

july: ruby

Ruby is most often a deep pink or blood red color due to the element chromium. Like diamonds, rubies are graded in value according to the Four C’s, color, cut, carat and clarity. The deepest color of red is typically the most valuable.

With their deep color, it’s easy to imagine why rubies are thought of as the stone of passion and desire.

august: peridot

Peridot is a light yellow-green gemstone that is formed by fire in the earth’s mantle and brought to the surface by volcanic explosion. Unlike most other gemstones that can be formed in a wide range of colors, peridot is only formed in one color.

It is believed that peridot helps one to move forward in life, leaving behind the past and unhinging from any negative energies that hold you back.

september: blue sapphire

Sapphire is a beautiful and popular gemstone. Blue sapphire is often used in non-traditional engagement rings and wedding bands.

The myths that surround sapphires run deep through many cultures but are most commonly thought of as gemstones that bring about joy and fulfillment.

october: opal

Opal is most often a white or green stone, but can also come in red or even black, which is the rarest opal. Most opals have a multi-color attribute that diffracts white light. Opals are a precious stone, and have been used in jewelry for many centuries. The alternative gemstone for October birthdays is tourmaline.

Some cultures have thought of opals as an auspicious stone, but today they are most known as a treasure of good fortune.

november: citrine

A bright golden-yellow colored quartz, citrine is named from the French word for lemon. The stone has been used as a precious stone in Greece since at least 300 B.C. This warm and lively gem makes for stunning jewelry and pairs well with many types of metal. The alternative birthstone for November birthdays is yellow topaz.

Citrine is thought to block negative energies and to clear the way to success in all areas of life.

december: blue topaz

Blue Topaz comes in varying shades of beautiful blue, and is one of the hardest minerals that is naturally occurring. Topaz can also be colorless, but the blue is most associated with December birthdays. Alternatives for December birthstones include tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise.

Blue topaz is thought to bring about peacefulness and an overall sense of calm.